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Tooth heal gum plant is a preparation of gum paint; useful in stomatitis, painful gum disorders, inflamed and bleeding gums.

Tooth heal gum paint is a topical solution, which contains antiseptic agents combined with tanning agents. Gum paints are applied locally on gums in severe bacterial infections, inflammatory conditions.

For 100g:
Iodine B.P………………1g
Potassium Iodide B.P………..2g
Tannic Acid B.P………..1.5g
Menthol B.p…….0.25%w/v
Camphor B.p…….0.20%w/v
Thymol B.p…….0.25%w/v
Glycerine B.P………70%w/v
Purified Water 100g

  • Indication:

    Tooth heal gum paint is a very effective solution, indicated in the treatment of spongy and receding gums. Its stops the bleeding from the gum. Mouth ulcer. Teeth pain, Irritation, Cold sores, Analgesic effect; Reduces and diminishes the pain arising due to inflamed gums, stomatitis, Provides good dental hygiene.


    Adult: Apply paint by brush or cotton to the local area, not more often than 3 hourly.
    Children: Not recommended for the children below 4 months or as prescribed by the physician.

    Apply to the affected area with  a cotton application for two to three minutes on the affected area.

  • Precautions and Storage

    Do not rinse with water or eat/drink anything for 10 minutes after the application of  Tooth Heal Gum Paint. For topical application only.
    Keep out of reach of children.

    Storage conditions:
    Store in cool and dark and dry place at temperature below 25°c.

    Shelf life: 3 Years

    Tooth Heal Gum Paint is a dark brown coloured lotion filled in amber colour round glass bottles