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Location: Plot # 51/2 Kampala Rd

Company Profile

Shurik ltd is a company with operations in Uganda. It was incorporated in Uganda on the 22nd November 1990. The company imports pharmaceutical products, surgical instruments, hospital equipment, laboratory diagnostics, lab chemicals, dental materials and other medical related products. Shurik ltd is one of the leading importers and distributors of pharmaceutical and medical products in Uganda.

Our Vision . To become a leading distributor of Pharmaceutical products in the region.

Mission. is to work together for better health of the people

Main Objective:

The main objective of Shurik has ltd is the provision of pharmaceutical distribution, supply of surgical instruments, supply of hospital equipment & supply of laboratory diagnostics.

Underlying qualities and values:

  • Shurik ltd has a guiding philosophy of providing clients with exceptional high standards with high professionalism through its employees and giving our clients value of money.
  • Our quality control department ensures that the standards and the satisfaction of all our clients are achieved.This is enabled through provision of quality and affordable products and services to the existing clientele base.
  • To serve our customers better, Shurik ltd is strategically located in the heart of the city and this specialized location has given it a boost in the distribution of its pharmaceutical services.
  • Shurik limited is located on plot 51/2 Kampala road and this has given it a competitive advantage over its main competitors.