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Choline salicylate Solution   B.P
Equ to Choline salicylate 8.7%w/w
Lignocaine Hydrochloride B.P 2.0%w/w
Chloride Solution B.P 0.01%


NO sores contains choline salicylate & lignocaine hydrochloride.
Choline saliculate solution is an aqueous solution containing 47.5% to 52.5% choline salicylate. Choline Salicyclate is a salicyclic acid derivative that is efficacious, well tolerated and may contain a suitable anti microbial preservative Lignocaine is an amide type surface anaesthetic. It produces sensation by preventing the conduction of nerve impulses near the site of application. Its local anaesthetic action is more rapid in onset & more intense.


    No Sores is rapidly and well absorbed from the mucous membrane, gastrointestinal membrane. It is extensively bound to plasma protein & is rapidly distributed to body parts. Because of the with which the tissue take up the drug only 6% do dose is found in blood at steady state, major portion in metabolized by liver microsomal system.

    NO sores contains Choline salicylate which is a salicyclic acid derivative used as a local analgesic 8.7% is particularly used in the lesions in the mouth.
    Lignocaine is also used in painful condition in mouth & throat (2% solution)
    May be rinsed or ejected & for pharyngeal pain, solution is gargled & swallowed if necessary.


    As directed by physician.

    Children: No recommended

    PRECAUTION: No sores may impair swallowing & increase the risk of aspiration.

    Pediatrics: Safety not established

    Pregnancy & Lactation: Salicylate appear in breast milk & crosses the placenta.
    Elderly: Safe
    ADVERSE EFFECTS: Can also occur following excessive topical application of No Sores.
    STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place. Do not freeze.
    PRESENTATION: 10g Lami tube packed in monocarton